Michael Brown

Lemon / Smiley GO AT IT!!
Don Lemon interviewed Tavis Smiley LIVE on CNN and the conversation got seriously and surprisingly HEATED when they began talking about President Obama response to the protests going on all over the Country regarding the recent non-indictments of Officers who have shot and killed unarmed African-American ...
Mike Brown's Mom Reacts [VIDEo]
We can all have our opinions about the Ferguson decision. But now let's hear from the the two people this incident affects the most; Officer Darren Wilson who say's he wouldn't change a thing and Michael Brown's mother who cries "They Don't Care!".
The verdict has come down and Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted in association with the shooting death of Michael Brown.  Unrest has ensued, however there's a call to refrain from such, WATCH: St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announcing Monday night that a grand jury has decided not to indict Darren Wilson PICTURES & VIDEO OF PROTEST & UNREST IN FERGUSON FOLL
During a recent performance of “Requiem” by Brahms at the St. Louis symphony, demonstrators surprised audience members when they interrupted the orchestra with a song for Michael Brown, the Ferguson teenager murdered by Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police department back in August of this year.
Ferguson Chief Apologizes!
6 weeks after the Ferguson, MO incident where Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed 18 Year-Old Michael Brown, the Ferguson Chief of Police is apologizing. The video you're about to se has sparked some controversy and criticism among some, however, others feel it's heartfelt and appropriate...
Re-Enactment Gets Suspension
The speculation is that an Alabama Teacher had good intentions to teach students a lesson by having them re-enact what transpired in the Michael Brown Shooting incident with Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson.  However some parents are questioning what the lesson learned was supposed to be...
Shoot or Don't Shoot Training
It's difficult to understand at times why Police Officers do what they do.  The most recent example of this is the rioting and protesting that's been taking place in Ferguson, MO, sparked by the killing of 18 Year-Old Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson...
Darren Wilson's Story
The ongoing situation in Ferguson, MO continues to get more and more confusing & questionable as very conflicting accounts of the event (concerning Michael Brown's killing by Officer Darren Wilson) surface. You more than likely have heard what eye witnesses have said regarding Michael Brown being unarmed and holding his hands in the air as and asking the officer to refrain from shooting... ...
Ferguson Unrest Video
Civil Unrest continues in Ferguson, Missouri days after a Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed 18 Year-Old Michael Brown.  Protesters continue to gather and tensions have risen to the point whereas the National Guard has now been called to occupy the area...
The rioting continued in Ferguson, Missouri overnight while the FBI & and Independent Agency step in to investigate the shooting. UNREST TRAVELS OUTSIDE OF FERGUSON MORE UNREST: TIMELINE OF EVENTS IN FERGUSON: Business Owner Whose Store Was The Victim of Looting Speak Out:

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