Rihanna is up to her topless tricks again, but this time, she's not doing it solely to entice or tease her Instagram followers or to tempt Chris Brown. She's actually doing it for a job – a top secret ad campaign for 2013.

Mert Alas is a famed fashion photographer, for those keeping score at home.

She then tweeted a few more details, none of which are concrete or reveal what campaign she will be repping this year.

Well, judging from the pics -- which feature Rihanna with her short pixie hair, smoky, smoldering and mega-sexy eye makeup, voluptuous, red-smeared lips, vampy and red-painted nails and a Chanel necklace around her gamine neck -- we're going to venture a guess that she could be posing for Chanel, either the couture clothing or the luxe brand's cosmetics line.

That's just a guess, based on the context clues. The makeup seems to be a central focus, leading us to think she's got a new makeup endorsement. Remember, she was a CoverGirl a long time ago.

We love the reddish highlights in RiRi's hair, too. They are subtle but hot. Being that her pixie do is her signature look, it's refreshing that she's playing it up in this top secret, topless shoot.

What do you think, PopCrushers and Navy members? What company do you think has snared RiRi as its latest face?

Rihanna Top Secret Shoot

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