Fact: Few pop stars are hotter or sexier than Rihanna. She doesn’t need to prove it, but her horde of fans (especially the boys) won’t complain when she posts a super sexy topless photo on her Twitter account. However, it’s not X-rated, since she covers the “girls” with her strategically placed arm. Dare we say that the image is artfully and impulsively sexy? It’s certainly not vulgar.

RiRi tweeted the shot, with the caption: “Where have you been all my life?” which is a reference to a lyric in her song ‘Where Have You Been,’ the second song on ‘Talk That Talk.’ A later tweet revealed that RiRi is filming the video for the song. She posted: “Video shoot goin MAJAH!!! Longest day everrrrr tho!!! #WHEREhaveUbeen #stillgoin.”

But as for that topless shot? Ri looks bangin’ as usual, with her brown hair piled in a top knot on her head. She’s averted her gaze and is looking down, wearing chunky black bangles and holding what looks like a white hair piece in her hands. You can also see a lil’ flash of her belly button and toned abs. You sweating yet?

Overall, it’s what the ‘We Found Love’ singer doesn’t show that makes this photo hot.

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