Rihanna posed for famed photographer Terry Richardson in skimpy denim short shorts, a shredded white top and heels.

The photographer shot Ri for her new VitaCoco Coconut Water campaign and if these are indeed the images that will be used to promote the summer-appropriate beverage of which she is a spokesperson, it’s going to be a long, hot summer. While RiRi posing provocatively is nothing new, she’s white hot in these images, which are done in black and white.

Sometimes with a finger or thumb in her mouth and sometimes pulling up the shorts to reveal even more skin, RiRi is scorching. Her hair is that shaggy, blonde that she rocked for a couple of minutes earlier this spring. We confess — it’s our favorite of her recent batch of coifs.

We’re struck by the softness that emanates from the singer in these shots. Whether it’s RiRi mood or Richardson’s angles and way of shooting her, or a combination of all three, the Bajan beauty looks approachably sexy, as opposed to hard, an image she has worked to cultivate in recent months. You know, the raunchy strip club visit and the blunt rolling in public, which had people gasping.

Few women can manage to be soft and sexy at once, but Richardson, who recently shot lots of images of Lady Gaga on the Born This Way Ball tour, manages to capture her in the element. Nice work, Mr. Richardson. We love when you make your subjects wear you nerdy black specs, too.

Terry Richardson has the world’s best job, doesn’t he?


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