RiFF RAFF has expressed interest in pursuing a professional wrestling career and even began a serious workout regiment and diet, which transformed his body to look like the Adonis' that hit the squared circle during WWE's weekly Monday Night Raw. The rapper even trained with pioneering pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and was supposed to be his new tag team partner. During a UR Show pay-per-view event on Sunday (March 20), which featured an intermission performance by RiFF RAFF, the Peach Panther saw his work pay off as he was a factor during one of the night's main events.

At the end of a match between pro wrestling legends Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle, the eccentric rapper hopped up on the apron of the ring and distracted Angle long enough for Mysterio to hit his special move and score a pinfall.

This morning (March 21), Angle and Jody Highroller exchanged jabs on Twitter. "Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong," said Angle in a since-deleted Angle. "A one-star rapper cost me my five-star match last night at URshow.tv's URfight."

Not backing down, RAFF responded with, "U [sic] need to act like a penguin and chill out before I hit u [sic] with the Lamborghini Leg Lock or the Hologram Choke Slam.

"There is a storm brewing," he also tweeted. "Next up Peach Panther vs. Kurt Angle."

RiFF RAFF may finally get a chance to hop in the ring and live out his dream.

Check out the Trench Coat Towers rapper's appearance at the event below.

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