Rick Ross is known for being "Ricky Ross The Boss" and for his barking/heavy-breathing on the track. Now I wasn't a fan of Weezy's "Carter 4" but I WAS a fan of the song "Mirrors" (ft. Bruno Mars) off the Grammy nominated album. The connection between the two? Rick Ross has decided the track needed him.... I decided he was wrong.

The original track has a deep message and a very necessary meaning. Wayne and Bruno talk about looking in the mirror at your own actions and re-evaluating your life.

"I see the truth in your lies
I see nobody by your side
but I’m with you when you re all alone
And you correct me when Im lookin wrong
I see that guilt beneath the shame
I see your soul through your window pain
I see the scars that remain
I see you Wayne, Im lookin at the" <-- Wayne's Lyrics
"Let her count my bread she a bank teller
Can you keep a secret Im a rich n****?
Got the new ghost in the drop 2
Thats 800 racks when I stop through
Dealin with the same team talkin wade back
Now I deal with big cream theme maybach" <-- Ross' Lyrics
Here we have Rick Ross talking about what he has instead of what he doesn't have (or what needs fixing). For me, he takes away from the depth of the track. I do have to give him respect for the imagery he painted in my head as I listened to his verse. Wish he would have stayed on topic.
What do you think??