Y’all better be careful when you leave a negative review on Yelp about these restaurants out here!

Unfortunately, one woman learned that the hard way after a manager popped up on at her house over her negative review!

According to Mashable, Yesha Callahan wasn’t feeling her little meal she got from La Porchetta, a restaurant in Sterling, Virginia. Sis ordered a simple burger, fries and zeppoles for delivery to her apartment.

“The delivery guy was quite friendly and asked if I could leave a review on Yelp,” she said, “I said sure, and he went on his merry way.”

When Yesha opened her box she was pissed and found “sorry-looking steak fries” and a bare burger without any lettuce or tomatoes.

She ended up leaving a 3-star review on Yelp, which wasn’t that bad seeing as though it could’ve been a one. Sis gave the restaurant a few suggestions in her review and even said “maybe next time I’ll try the pizza.”

Little did sis know the manager was en route to her apartment to give her a piece of his mind! Around 10 p.m., she heard someone knocking on her door and her phone started ringing, but she didn’t recognize the number.

Yelp apologized for the restaurant’s actions and said that their delivery partner would be cutting ties with the restaurant for “violation of their terms service.”

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