It was a happy ending for some Adirondack beavers who were recently taken in by wildlife rehabilitation experts.

Chances are in the wild you would never get a good close-up look of an adult beaver, not to mention a baby beaver. Unfortunately for these cute little guys, they had to be rescued after their parents were trapped in Lake George, according to Inform NNY. Luckily these 3-week old baby beavers, called 'kits,' were rescued and are now being taken care of by the great rehab staff at Cornell Wildlife Hospital. Inform NNY says the hospital had to nurse the beavers back to health after suffering from an intestinal infection. Unfortunately, two of the kits did not make it, but the remaining 3 from the rescued litter are doing well. While we wish it was under happier circumstances, it is a great chance for you to see these cute little critters up close. Check em out!

Rescued Adirondack Baby Beavers Bring Cuteness Overload

A litter of 5 baby beavers, called 'kits,' were recently rescued in Lake George.

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