Family members that are living with or taking care of someone with developmental disabilities understand very well how important having assistance is. Children and adults with these kinds of disabilities will need some kind of help throughout their entire life in most cases. Family members with loved ones that have disabilities want nothing more than to see their loved ones become more independent. According to, there is new transitional housing coming to the city of Hamburg that can help ease the burden of family members and caregivers.

This housing was put together by People Inc. and the goal is to give people with all types of different disabilities training to become more self-reliant and also give them the opportunity to get hands-on learning skills to take on the everyday things that need to be done on a daily basis.

It encourages independence and personal growth, and staff will come here and help them with grocery shopping, budgeting, or meal planning. Things that you and I would learn at home with our parents and take for granted.

Said Concetta Ferguson, Vice President at People Inc.

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The buildings will have a nice setup, and tenants will be able to live there for three to nine months, their progress will be tracked in community living. I know personally, the thought of leaving your loved one with any type of developmental disorder can be the toughest thing for family members to do, but with programs like this in place, it does help ease the stress a little.

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