New guidelines have been released for weddings, let me tell you, as we all know, most little girls dream about this day their whole lives, thoughts like, should I have a band or DJ maybe both. There is no question that if you are planning a wedding this year, It will be different.

According to WIVB, one of the many rules required at the event is not to have people congregating in front of the DJ or live band, I know in most cases DJs probably don't mind this new rule at all, but I just think it will make things feel even crazier than they already are, There are some cases where people at weddings, like the bridal party, will come up to the DJ or Band to give special instructions.

Another change to the guidelines that I don't think is going to go over well is social distant dancing. The rule states, that attendees can only dance with members of their immediate party or people in thier household who are seated at thier table, and they have to dance in clearly marked zones that are assigned to them and they must be six feet apart from others. The food and dancing is the biggest part of the celebration in my opinoin, and at most events I've seen and played at, there is usally some form of line dancing, I don't see that happening under these new rules.

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I think it's great for bussinesses to have something to look forward to, as it relates to booking events, I just hope there is a way that people attending these weddings can have fun while their at the event.

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