T.I has always been a man about his money and this time he has put a price tag on himself! The 10 year deal with Atlantic Records has expired and Atlanta native T.I the Trouble Man rapper is shopping for a record deal and has placed $75 Million price on his brand. This $75 Million includes 3 albums, exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artist, 10-20 percent of publishing including touring, merchandise, film and TV rights and corporate endorsements deals.

Some can say this is a bit over price but I say T.I deserves it. He is an artist that has proven himself to be a force in the game since he entered it and not to mention how great his record sales did while he was in jail. T.I is aggressively being pursued. He has already set up meetings with Dr. Dre for Interscope, Jay-Z with Roc Nation. Plus Sony has offered a $50 million deal and Universal is interested in the trouble man as well. Who do you think he should roll with? Money talks!


Guess what rapper has a new workout book in stores just in time for the get fit season of January?!? Well its none other then the “Machine” 50 Cent who has recently dropped the workout book “Formula 50.” Check out his interview as he discusses his workout regiment. What you think? Will it help you?


So when Beyonce speak things happen! Right after her announcement that Destiny’s Child will be coming back together to reunite to make another album a new song drops! I love their marketing. The first single produced by Pharrell “Nuclear” co written by Michelle Williams will be on the reunion album, Love Songs due to be in stores January 29th. Check out the song below!

Also check out another trailer for Beyonce's HBO Documentary Life is But A Dream airing set to air Feb 16th. In this documentary Beyonce gets up close and personal as she shares intimate moments like her ultrasound, her baby bump explains her battle between staying true to herself and staying relevant

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