Do y’all remember this sweet story? In 2016, Arizona teen Jamal Hinton received a text from a woman who thought she was texting her grandson, inviting him to #Thanksgiving.

Jamal, confused by the mysterious text, asked who the person was and Wanda Dench replied “Your grandma.” Jamal asked her to send a pic and after exchanging photos, they realized they were complete strangers.

But that didn’t stop Jamal from securing that plate. Dench still invited Jamal over because she said, “That’s what grandma’s do…feed every one,” and the rest is history. The pair made their accidental meeting a sweet holiday tradition. Jamal shared over the holiday that this was his third Thanksgiving with Dench and her family.

“She has great food,” Jamal, now 19, said with a laugh in an interview with CBS 5.

While Jamal certainly wasn’t the grandson she meant to text in the first place, he’s become one to Dench.

“Gaining a new grandma, I thought maybe I’d gain one getting married, but as a friend, it’s great,” said Hinton.

The two said it was never for the publicity, they simply just connect beyond the text, even going to dinner together every few months. Each of their loved ones became part of their bond and are now part of one big family.

Jamal even stopped by this year with his new bae to meet grandma Wanda.

They have every intention to keep up the tradition next year and Jamal is hoping to step it up a notch.

“Maybe I can invite you if we get our own place,” he said.

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