Here's a BLACK HISTORY MONTH LESSON & QUIZ for you!!!!!!!!!.....

Question:  Who Is The Most Famous BLACK PERSON in China?

Answer: 20 Year-Old Lou Jing!!!!

Question: Why?

Answer: Because She's Black...and HATED!!!!!

Why Is She HATED?

Answer: Because She's BLACK!!!!!

If this isn't the beginning of a BLACK HISTORY LESSON for you; it certainly is for me!!!!  AND...Here's what led me to this information (the picture below)...

Nigger King Hip-Hop Clothing Store
Nigger King Hip-Hop Clothing Store

The Picture above is the Marquee above the "NIGGER KING" Clothing Store in Taiwan which I saw on a post on my Son, Todd's, FB Page!  I knew this had to be a joke using some keen digital editing, so I Googled "NIGGER KING"!  To my AMAZEMENT, I found several links to information, and the same pictures, relative to the "NIGGER KING" Hip-Hop Clothing Store in Taiwan, China!

So I dug deeper...and on this day,Thursday, February 21, 2013, I have been ENLIGHTENED!!! If the old saying, "You Learn Something New Everyday" isn't  completely definitely applies to my day (and maybe yours) today!!!!  Beyond "Google(ing)" the term "NIGGER KING" and discovering that this is a legitimate  and bonafide clothing store in China...I was driven to Google "Racism In China" and what I uncovered was ALARMING...but also enlightening.

I realized that SLAVERY and RACISM within the United States,...(although abolished, at least in terms of Legal Slavery) has GREATLY influenced how Blacks are viewed outside of the United States in some areas of the world...specifically my SURPRISE... AFRICA!!!!!  Now there "IS" an argument among some such that the way the Chinese and African Cultures view American Blacks is NOT NECESSARILY RACIST...rather it's more-so an awareness among the two Cultures that there is simply a DIFFERENCE in COLOR between people in China and Africa, compared to that of the average Black person.  That concept is very hard for me to swallow.  I just can't bring myself to believe that in 2013, there is a single nation, culture, or walking and breathing Human Being, who (or which) does not know that the term "NIGGER" is not only a reference to BLACK PEOPLE...but also OFFENSIVE!!!!

You may be wondering how I've come to include AFRICA in this discussion...well, as I Googled "RACISM IN CHINA"....relative to the "NIGGER STORE"...I also went to YOUTUBE to try and find some video or News Story to share with you regarding the "NIGGER STORE" ...AND...TO MY AMAZEMENT... this is what I found!!!! (Video Below)

After watching the video and taking into account all the information I've seen, based on my research today, my contention is that the African Culture MAY have an excuse for the naming of their store.  I'm not sure if the AFRICAN STORE SIGN represents RACSIM as much as it REPRESENTS a PERCEPTION of Blacks in America...what do you think?  On the other hand, there is supporting EVIDENCE that the way in which the CHINESE view Blacks in America, China, and elsewhere... IS DEFINITELY based on IGNORANCE, DISCRIMINATION, and ultimately a DIFFERENCE IN COLOR...which in a nutshell boils down to RACISM!!!!!  My claim that the Chinese are generally Racist against Blacks is evident, supported and exposed in the video below!  Check this out!!! (Video Below)



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