Is Tilapia Bad for You?
I was browsing FB and ran across a disturbing video! After watching, I started looking for more info and found other sources that agree with what you're about to see.  There are other videos and sources of info which are not as FRIGHTENING as the videos below, but I'm one to "err on the side of caution" and will probably look more closely at what I'm buying when purchasing Tilapia and ot
Who Won Battle Of Met Gowns?
The 2015 Met Gala is THE party of the year! And all of our favorite female Pop Stars Showed out in their best Asian Inspired Gowns, but who's look captured the Cover of Vouge this year? Last year Beyonce & Rihanna shared the honor. This year's winner is.....
Here's a BLACK HISTORY MONTH LESSON & QUIZ for you!!!!!!!!!..... Question:  Who Is The Most Famous BLACK PERSON in China? Answer: 20 Year-Old Lou Jing!!!! Question: Why? Answer: Because She's Black...and HATED!!!!! Why Is She HATED? ...
Is Wife Too Ugly?
A man successfully sued his wife based on claims she was too ugly...and HE WON!!!!  A Chinese man and his wife had a baby and upon the man seeing the baby he accused his wife of having an affair because he felt the baby was too ugly and looked nothing like either of them. ...
China Introduces New Censorship Rules
The government control in China is far harsher than we Americans could relate to, and recently China has furthered this control by banning the idea of time travel from all media. Many Chinese officials believe that the media's recreation of historical events can borderline disrespect their history and heritage. Is this another over bearing tactic to control society, or is the ban of time traveling and even websites like Twitter necessary protections to maintain the honor an dignity of Chinese history and culture?