Singer and song-writer, Queen Naija, spoke to Yasmin Young about her debut album, her career goals and more. Listen to the interview here.

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Queen Naija, who celebrated her 25th birthday a few weeks ago, chatted with me about her debut album, Misunderstood. She talked about the composition of the album, saying that there are not just the ballads she is known for on the album, but it also features a variety of other songs. During our interview, she said,

"I opened up a lot more. I was really vulnerable. I cant really break down the vibe, I'm gonna just say its a song on there for everybody."

Queen says her favorite songs on the album are Too Much to Say, Pretend, Beautiful, Trial & Error and Say What You Mean.

Queen is from Detroit, where there is a long history of soulful R&B that came out of Motown. She talked about her "end-game," and what she hopes to accomplish during her career. She wants to own her own record label, but also recognizes that she has much to still learn about the music business.  We also talked about how she balances being open and vulnerable in her songs, but keeping some of her privacy.  She said,

"I guess I just tell the Internet what I want to tell them, I let them see what I want them to see."


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