The Buffalo Common Council plans to hold a vote to veto the Mayor's decision on school zone tickets in Buffalo.

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“I don’t believe that people should be ticketed all day when students are safely in the building.” ~ Common Council President Darius Pridgen via WKBW

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown went against the Council's measure to limit school zone ticketing to times when students are arriving at and leaving from school, according to WKBW. In order to veto the Mayor's decision, the Common Council will need six votes.

There are currently five school zones where speed cameras are active. The school zone speed cameras are located in the areas of Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Children’s Academy, Canisius High School, Nichols School, Notre Dame Academy and St. Joseph University School. The speed limit is 15 miles per hour in the school zones.

While some Buffalo residents believe the City is using this as an opportunity to make money, Mayor Brown denies the allegation. Anyone who gets caught will receive a $50 ticket, according to WKBW.

He says he wants ticketing to occur throughout the day, rather than at limited times, for safety,

“Arrival time is important, dismissal time is very important, but with field trips, with the desire to spread out with COVID-19, with teachers taking kids outside the school, taking kids on field trips, with any kind of extracurricular activity, with parents and administrators coning in and out of school, we thought it was important to keep the school zone program in place all day.”


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