Sources say veteran Hip-Hop producer/songwriter/ Dallas Austin has announced his company Rowdy Electronics has hooked up with Best Buy to sell his new piece of hardware, a beat machine named "Beat Thang," a collabo between Austin's Rowdy Electronics and Nashville's Beat Kangz Electronics (BKE), is a fully operational mobile music making machine, that will retail for $1,500.

Dallas Austin and his partner, Aja Emmanuel hopes this new piece of equipment revolutionizes the way producers create their music. The producer is planning on personally hosting events at Best Buy's in Nashville, Atlanta, New York, and Miami. "We'll be showing everyone how you can sing into it, play keyboards into it, put beats into it – anything," Dallas Austin said. "We'll also have a few for pre-order because once we hit the release date, it's anyone's guess how many will be available to the industry. We only produced 1,000 units and the buzz is running pretty hot."

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