Prince's "Rally 4 Peace" show in Baltimore will be available for stream for free on TIDAL.

The unrest that has risen in Baltimore in recent weeks has turned the 410 into a high tension area. Celebrities from across the world have tried to stand in when chaos breaks and superstar, Prince, will do his part this weekend.

Prince is set to perform a special "Rally 4 Peace" concert in efforts to try and bring the streets of Baltimore together and calm things down. Sources report that the concert will also be live streamed for free thru Jay Z's TIDAL X app.

The app originally required subscription but for this concert you won't need a subscription to view it. Prince has reportedly recorded special songs to commemorate Baltimore and hopes that his efforts will help restore peace to the city.

TIDAL will also match the funds of the donations made directly thru their site. The show is the Sunday, May 10th.

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