According to, Prince estate did a massive vault raid and will reissue a Super Deluxe Edition of the classic 1987 LP, 'Sign O' Times', This incredible collection will contain 45 unreleased studio tracks, full concert recordings, B sides, remixes, and even more surprises.

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The Super Deluxe Editon has some of the material that was destined for Prince and the Revolution's unreleased album in 1986, entitled 'Dream Factory'. According to Rollingstone. The Super Deluxe Edition will also come with a 120-page hardcover book, it will have some of Prince's handwritten lyrics from that era, these are lyrics that have never been seen before.

According to Rollingstone, this massive project will be available as a stacked eight-CD or 13-LP set on September 25th. Prince fans all over the world can pre-order now at Prince web-store or on I have always enjoyed Prince music personally and as a DJ, Prince's music catalog made my work easy, especially at an event full of his fans.

One fun fact about Prince that still amazes me to this day, he was only  5'2 tall and weighed 112 pounds, and was a very talented basketball player. I'm excited about this reissue, I'm sure it's going to be a very nice project.

Here is just some of the 'Sign O' The Times' tracklist, according to Rollingstone


  1. Sign O’ the Times
  2. Play in the Sunshine
  3. Housequake
  4. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
  5. It
  6. Starfish and Coffee
  7. Slow Love
  8. Hot Thing
  9. Forever in My Life


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