When watching this video you're either holding back laughter or tears...or maybe even tears of laughter.  I felt guilty for laughing but it's so outrageously inappropriate that's it hard to keep from laughing...at least momentarily.  Well, the people who were not laughing were the Baby (obviously) and the man who I and most have assumed is the Dad.  He's shown grabbing (rescuing) the baby out of the reach of the over zealous Priest who obviously is not good with kids and has probably never had any.

The video is an embarrassment to the entire Catholic Diocese I would imagine and word has it that the Priest in the video (below) has been fired.  I haven't done much research regarding this, but you can easily do so as there are links below such that you can read all there is to know about this entire incident.

The purpose of this Post focuses on the Video and a Poll as to what you would have done if you were the Parent present when this incident took place.  So watch the video and Take the Poll then you can also leave a more lengthy comment below in the 'Comment Section'.

Here's the Video: 



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