That's a whole lot of unpaid bills! A U.S. postal worker rented a storage unit to hide all the mail he didn't deliver.

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Jason Delacruz, who worked for a post office in Chesapeake, Virginia, said he felt "pressured," which is why he couldn't complete the deliveries. He told authorities that he couldn't "make time" to finish his route, according to CNN.

So instead of doing his job, Delacruz rented a storage unit for $49 in February 2019. He told the court that he started to hide mail in November or December of 2018. He ended up hiding all the mail he didn't deliver in the unit, which was discovered in May 2019.

Delacruz said he had all intentions of delivering the mail, but never did. Agents from the post office seized close to 5,000 pieces of mail from the unit, including items sent to residents from the IRS, Department of Motor Vehicles and banks. The mail was delivered by the Postal Service after being discovered. He will be sentenced on February 12 and could face a fine or up to five years in prison.

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