I'm going to assume you've heard about or may have even experienced delays relative to the local United States Postal Service.  According to a WGRZ News report, more and more people are beginning to complain. David Grosskopf Jr. is the Western New York Union President of the National Association of Letter Carriers, and this is what he said recently (according to WGRZ)

“Cages full of packages and parcels from approximately mid-July until present day are backed up down there. There are so many cages full of packages down there that I'm being told when they went to inspect these things, that the contents are - you know - are falling out of packages because there's some moisture. There's things that are rotting because some of the stuff is perishable, but there is quite a bit of delayed packages in that plant on William Street.”

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WGRZNews Report

According to the WGRZ News report, a spokesperson for the postal service declined an interview with WGRZ when asked about the removal of mail sorting machines. You can read the full news report by clicking the link below.