In Western New York, many people really get excited when February 1st rolls around. Now only have we finally got through January, which often feels like the longest month of the year, we're one day closer to spring and we get to celebrate what many consider to be a local holiday.

Way back when, on February 1, 1948, Mabel and James Ambrose Johnson, Sr. welcomed James Ambrose Johnson, Jr. into the world. James Johnson, Jr., is much better known as Rick James, the music superstar who was born and grew up right here in the 716. To this day, Buffalo celebrates the life and legacy of the King of Punk Funk, and now, people all over the world will be able to celebrate with us thanks to a musical that is on its way to stages all over the nation.

Super Freak, The Rick James Story, Is Coming

Being produced by Rick James' daughter Ty James and playwright & director Je'Caryous Johnson, the musical is based on James' life, including his beginnings in Buffalo, his rise to fame, his downfall, and redemption, all set to the music he created which helped to define two generations.

You are a shining star, and it is my privilege and honor to announce The Musical Stay Play that will capture the incredible journey of your life.
-Ty James

James has so many iconic hits that were released throughout his 40 year career, that fans are sure to be in for a treat when this hits the stage.

Super Freak, The Rick James Story is set to hit 29 cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, and Buffalo, and is sure to set the stage on fire.

Tickets for the show in select cities are set to go on sale starting on Friday, February 9, 2024.

If there is one thing I know, it's that the Buffalo show will surely sell out, so make sure you get in line - after me, of course.

The King of Punk Funk, Rick James

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