I can tell you first hand that the stocking up on food my family did two weeks ago is scarcely looking like we bought anything.  Times have truly changed regarding eating habits.  Being away from home for 8 hours or so daily, compared to barely leaving the house, ironically to get more food, makes food accessibility much easier.

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When you're working you can talk yourself into not "buying lunch" or bringing "just enough", but being at home with food readily accessible can pose a problem...2 actually, overeating and then not having anymore period.   I mean we've had storm watches and blizzard threats that threaten to keep us n the house stranded for a day or two and we stock up on food and water to last ...but what is going on now is an entirely different story...one in which some have never experienced.

Underprivileged has taken on a whole new meaning, however, 'caring' hasn't.  According to a WIVB news report, Feedmore WNY and Salvation Army, along with Buffalo Police department and various other participating organizations, have been donating food around the Buffalo area by doing Pop-Up Drive-Thrus giving away much-needed food in areas where it's most needed.

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It sounds like this gesture of kindness and caring is far from over.  The WIVB news report quoted Major Annette Lock,  Director of Operations for Erie County Salvation Army. as saying,

“These are highly unusual days, and of course food is one of the basic things that everybody needs.

The report also shared the sentiments of Elyse Burgher, of FeedMore WNY:

With everything going on with COVID-19, we’ve been seeing a lot more need in our community, a lot more people who are struggling, and a lot more people who are in need of food assistance. So, we’ve been doing a lot of these pop-up locations in places like schools, or our regular food pantries, parking lots to make sure that we’re serving the community.”

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