There's a FB Messenger message circulating which urges people to boycott watching the Inauguration so as to make it such that the TV Ratings for the event are low.

Here's what I received in my Facebook Inbox:

There's a lot of talk about people NOT watching the inauguration. The Grabber will be checking his ratings, and many may not know the way that the tv shows are rated. To keep his rating LOW, you must have your television turned ON, but NOT tuned into any channel showing ANY inauguration coverage. If you don't turn your tv on, his ratings will show higher because of the percentage of sets tuned in. So set up all your televisions to the geographic channel or cooking channel! Anything that is not covering the inauguration, basically! - Television must be on, but NOT tuned into channels covering Trump.

My immediate reaction to receiving this, in my opinion, STUPIDITY was ... What will that accomplish?

Boycotting WATCHING the Inauguration will not prevent Donald Trump from becoming the 45th President of The United States of WHAT'S THE POINT!!!?????  The suggestion to undermine Trump's Presidency is reminiscent of what the Republicans and Congress did to President Obama for the past 8 do we want another 4 years of NO PROGRESS because there's a segment of our existence that wants to OPPOSE rather than CONTRIBUTE!!!

...and there's this additional STUPIDITY ( in my opinion):


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