Here's an interesting Poll.  The Poll asks what your personal Steering Wheel Hand Positioning is While Driving?

You may be surprised regarding the CORRECT way to hold tyhe stering wheel while driving because there are some changes that have come about through the years...we'll get to those changes after you take the POLL:

(Choose your favorite SSTEERING WHEEL HAND POSITION from the pics below and then scroll down and click the VOTE BUTTON)

Now here's the REAL DEAL ... some things may have changed since you've taken your Driving Test.  The traditional Hand Positioning was always the 10 O'Clock & 2 O'Clock position but now 9 O'Clock & 3 O'Clock are acceptable!


In addition to proper hand placement on your Steering Wheel while driving, State Farm Insurance Company has the following General Driving Tips for safe travel (these instructions are mainly designed for New Drivers)

  • Lower your hands.
  • Turn everything off.
  • Gradually learn to drive.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Remember the basics

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