I was picking up a Pizza from what used to be my favorite Pizza place in Niagara Falls, until this happened ... As I paid for my order, two African-American young ladies came into the Bar / Restaurant / Pizza Shop and asked the person who was ringing me out if they could use the bathroom. The response was, "the bathroom is only for paying customers". So the one young lady said to the other, "We have to buy something". So one of the young ladies asked, "Do you sell slices?" The rude and quick response was, "We're closed and we're not selling anything else."  Now normally I would speak up and at least , under my breath, say something.  However, this time I said nothing...probably because it was so blatant that I was more shocked than anything.  The two girls said nothing either; they just left peacefully.  I saw them outside as they were pulling off and told them that what just happened was BS.  They agreed but didn't seem to phased as if they were used to it.

Fast forward to the Starbuck's situation where two Black men were recently arrested under similar circumstances.

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