Well let's start there ... Were You Allowed To Play With Toy Guns Growing Up?

Personally, NO.  Along with NO was the fact that there was no outlet or substitute for not being able to play with a toy gun,.  There was no such thing as turning on the X-Box or PlayStation and satisfying my 'male aggressive tendencies' playing Call of Duty, where you get to see bloodshed and get to blow someone's head off...AND NOT BE TRIED, CONVICTED, OR JAILED.

There was a National Meeting at the White House yesterday to discuss the affect Violent Video Games have on the mind.  Video Game makers and advocates at that meeting will tell you that violent video games have no association with REAL VIOLENT CRIMES ...based upon the research that's been done.

Well, I beg to differ.  I can't imagine a kid playing Call of Duty, or other violent 'shooters', shooting up the enemy, for hours upon hours, and then leaving that game without some sort of violent subconscious influence.

The question remains and the long time Debate is re-kindled again per another mass shooting in the Florida: Are Violent Video Games To Blame for 'Real Life' Violence?


I DO NOT agree that Violent Video Games DO NOT have an affect on people to the extent that they causes an individual to carry out violent acts or induce real life violence within a person.... I believe 100%, despite differing study results, that Violent Video Games DO LEAD TO Real Life Violence.

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