This year has been full of horrible stories, one after the other. One of the crazy stories involving the police was the murder of John Crawford, a young man playing with a toy gun in a Wal Mart in Beavercreek, Ohio. On Monday, the OFFICERS involved in that case were acquitted of all charges and after seeing the video from the ordeal, I couldn’t tell you why. The family of John Crawford fought to have this tape released and after watching, I could see why police were trying to hold on to it; It proves the that Crawford really was innocent and didn’t’ even wave the gun at police as they had stated.

Warning: Video contains graphic material, the violence that took John Crawford’s life.

While I am not educated on police procedure and etiquette on that level, I cannot give an educated opinion on the ordeal. I pray for the family of Crawford fighting for JUSTICE after watching the tape and seeing that Crawford posed no threat.