Warren, Mich. police officers misuse their power in a very disturbing video, appearing to strike and tie down a potential rape victim and then cut off her weave, reports Addicting Info.

Warren Police Dept.

The 22 year-old woman, Charda Gregory, woke up dazed and confused in a motel room and was arrested for trashing the motel room. The young mother was completely confused as to why she was being arrested -- she had no idea how she got in the room.

Here's more on the story from 7 Action News:

Gregory says on November 13, she went to a party in Detroit, where she believes someone drugged her.


Paul Misukewicz is her lawyer:

“She had a couple of drinks, then woke up in a strange place.  Didn’t know how she got there, completely disoriented, said Paul Misukewicz, Gregory’s lawyer.

That strange place was the Suez Motel on 8 Mile in Warren, where Gregory got arrested for trashing a room.


By the time she was brought in to the jail lock-up on the top floor of the Warren Police Department, Gregory had been pepper sprayed, but she appears calm.


It’s clear in the video that Gregory can barely stand as she comes face to face with Officer Bernadette Najor.

“She took it upon herself to get the scissors.  And for whatever reason, decided that she was going to butcher my client,” said Misukewicz.


As Officer Najor pats Gregory down, the officer pushes Gregory against the wall twice.


Suddenly Najor starts going for Gregory’s hair.  The officers struggle with Gregory, dragging her over to a restraining chair to tie down her arms and legs.


Officer Najor starts yanking Gregory’s head from side to side, chopping out chunks of hair.  It takes 3 full minutes before Najor gives one final yank and removes what’s left of Gregory’s weave.


Gregory tells us in some places she now has bald spots because Najor ripped her real hair out by the roots.

“She’s a very horrible person,” said Gregory about Officer Najor.


“No words can describe how I feel about that right now.  I’d rather not say exactly how I feel about that, I’m just very upset,” said Yolanda Ford, Gregory’s mother.