There'a new app you can download on your phone that allows you to immediately begin recording your interaction with Police if you're ever pulled over, according to WGRZ News.  The report also says that the Police are ok with being recorded.

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According to the WGRZ report, the app is initiated by simply saying, 'Siri, I'm being pulled over'.  The new 'Police' app is a new feature that comes with Apple's new iOS 12.  An article on by the developer Robert Peterson explains how the app works.

If you ever wondered whether it's ok to record the police, it is, according to the WGRZ report.  A Greensboro, NC Officer, J.B. Price, said in the news report that the Police are used to being recorded and don't mind

"As long as it doesn't interfere with the officer's ability to conduct a traffic stop in a safe mannerwe have zero issues with it at all."

You can get the 'Police' shortcut by clicking the link below.

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