Do you remember back when having a nice car or truck with a "Boomin System" was popular? The first thing you did after you found your new ride was shopped for the biggest and loudest sound system you could find. Now, let's be honest, as a young person you are probably not thinking about the damage that constant loud music is doing to your ears after a prolonged time spent blasting your beats. As it turns out, there are some long-term effects from loud noises in your ears for long periods of time.

Nowadays there is a new generation of younger drivers, and playing loud music is something most people really don't think about. It is so easy to be riding along with your kids in the car and when you hear your favorite song come on, you automatically blast the system. Here's why that is not a very good idea.

Your child's inner ears may be damaged

If he or she is exposed to loud noise over a long period of time it can damage their inner ear.. I sometimes cringe, when I see a child around loud music at a party or an event, but in a car it's even worse because you are in an enclosed space.

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What Loudness is Safe?

Did you know that a normal conversation is usually about 60 decibels? Decibels are used to measure the loudness in an area. To give you an idea, a subway system and a motorcycle are usually about 90 decibels. So any range that is below 85 decibels is considered a safe range for anyone, especially children.

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