These have been some tough times for our community, and everything that has been
going on all over the world. With the hurricanes in Houston, to the earthquake in Puerto Rico and the comments President Trump has made regarding the NFL players taking a knee. These are tough times for us and especially for the millennial that never knew or went through these form of natural disaster or experiencing this form of inequality through hateful comments by the leader of the so called “free world.” We are in a time period where it feels as though the universe may be angry at us because we have not been taken good care of our environment and spreading the love that needs to be shared on a day to day basis. Every week you wake up chasing this thing we call success, but without any true substance behind it. You see the universe has no secrets because she is an open book, but we must take time to read her and understand her. You must be patient with yourself and and be patient that she will deliver when she is ready to do so. Patience is a virtue and only the strong can survive this process of sitting still and seeking the answers that is fitting for the journey that you will embark in. As a millennial it is a crucial time in your life to give back to your community, and when the phrase “give back” is stated I do not mean money, but rather time. Time is of essence in our lives and it must be used wisely. Everything that is taken from you at a material state can be given back, but time and so with that being said every second on this earth counts. If you are at a place of your life where you are questioning your purpose in this world and what you can do to
further yourself then it’s time to sit still and reevaluate your life purpose. Waking up everyday to go to a place that will give you the income you need to live the lifestyle you want is nothing if your community cannot benefit from it. We’ve seen the tragic moments recently with all the hurricanes that hit the Caribbean islands, Houston, and the recent earthquake that hit Puerto Rico. We’ve listened on the news to the lives that were lost during these triumphing times, and that should open your eyes to the realization that time is of essence and it waits for no one. If you are still not sure on your life purpose go on social media and see the horrible things that are going on around the world and access the information that will help you get involved in your community or in other communities that need the extra hand. Going along Trump recently revoked the DACA bill that was initiated by our former President Barack Obama in order to help the kids that were born in other countries have the opportunity to study here in America and potentially have an opportunity to live the American Dream. Trump took this away without the consideration of the millions of kids who are working hard to see a way out of their circumstance and their various situations. Also in recent comments President Trump stated “Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, "Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he's fired. He's fired,” I am sorry to say Trump but this country was never built as one of your corporations
where you can come in and just fire people. America was built on the backs of slaves that were forcefully brought into this country to build what is it that we have today. America has a lot of blood on its hand for the number of innocent lives that were taken in search of freedom and equality some for just wearing a hoodie and being black. You see as a millennial I want us to understand that as long as we have a President that promotes bigotry by making such remarks and also have the support of an administration and a
group of people, you are not free until you understand the history behind every action. It is your duty to educate yourself on what is going on in your country and how you can help. There is always room for improvement and during these tragic times around the world it is time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. As a young African American male I do not see a future of peace in a nation that is promoting hate, violence, and the miseducation of the Black Folk. Time and time again the late Baba Dick Gregory spoke on the truth of our being, our history in America and most importantly the value of love in the hearts of man. As long as your back is against the wall there will always be room to gain more knowledge, to aid those around you, and even more room to spread the love that is in your heart. If you are a millennial during these trying times I believe it is best that you seek the wisdom of the elders and sit at their feet to understand why is it that they are so angry at what is going on in America, and what is it that you can do to help. We can be so blinded by what we see on the surface level, that we forget to tend to the systematic problems that is occurring around us. It’s time to get educated and do your part, stop hiding behind your keyboard and start using it as a tool to voice your opinions. The motivated mind is the mind that does not accept defeat. The purposeful mind is one that finds the purpose from within to become greater then who they initially were. If you are under privileged and lack the proper representation in this nation, then it is time for you to stop being silent and start voicing yourself. Voice your opinions to a point that you become the help, and the hope for those that are in need.

Family on this beautiful Monday let’s spread love, but most importantly lets embrace our history because like the late great Bob Marley stated “once you know where you come from then you will know where you are going.”

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