Paula's Donuts, established in 1996, according to their website, is a family-owned and operated business in Buffalo, NY specializing in hand-cut donuts which are baked fresh every single day. Paula's is more than just donuts, however.  Paula's Donuts has partnered with Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue to help find 'forever homes' for dogs and cats.  The effort is being called 'The Adopt DoNut Shop' campaign.

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Having two cats myself, Boots(y) and Twink(le, and having had dogs before, I know first hand that dogs and cats love people, and they love to be loved and showered with attention, and ultimately love to be petted.  Stray animals never get that love and attention, rather they get people shooing them away, telling them to 'get out of here', without realizing these animals truly have feelings...just like we do.  If you have a loving home and especially if you're in need of a companion, a dog or cat as a Life Partner is a perfect solution...they specialize in loving people.  You can browse and see all of the animals available right now for adoption by clicking the link below.

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Also, check out Paula's Donuts website (powered by Townsquare Media) for a menu of the HUGEST, most delicious, hand-cut, and daily fresh baked donuts on earth.

Diamonds In The Ruff Animal Rescue expressed their appreciation for Paula's Donuts efforts in partnering with them to find 'forever homes' for some loveable animals.

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