There are a bunch of incredible dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters across Western New York.  Now, Paula's Donuts has stepped up to get them into homes.

Paula's Donuts is doing their best to help get shelter dogs adopted here in Western New York.  According to Gabrielle Mediak from WIVB, there are over 70 dogs waiting for forever homes at the Niagara County SPCA.  The good news is that it's a no-kill shelter, which means that the dogs do not have to worry about being euthanized if they are not adopted.  The bad news for the SPCA is that if they don't get adopted, the SPCA will have to care for them until they do, which is extremely costly over time.  The longer they stay, the more expensive it becomes.

This is where Paula's has stepped in.  They have agreed to include a photo of an adoptable dog on their boxes to help them find their homes.  Not only will there be a photo of the dog, but information about them and even upcoming fundraiser information to help raise money to pay for the other dogs who are still at the shelter.

We have two dogs that came directly from a rescue and I can personally say that adopting dogs has been one of the most rewarding things our family has ever done.  The bond that is formed between a rescue pet and its owner is unmatched.  It can be challenging at times for sure.  It can be a lot for some dogs to overcome.  But the moment that you see them feel safe for the first time, it is worth it.

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