Auntie Patti LaBelle has been inviting fans into her kitchen for years with her numerous cookbooks, and her own cooking shows. In 2015, she even released her own line of pies sold at Walmart.

Page Six reports. Just like her line of pies, Patti’s Chinese food will be sold at Walmart.Patti and Stratis reportedly celebrated their deal with a dinner at Brooklyn Chop House along with Patti’s son Zuri Edwards, Alex Thompson and Charles Suitt.

Stratis wrote in an Instagram post

“Patti LaBelle and I are now partners in our new Co BCH GROCERS LLC–bringing frozen dumplings such as French Onion Soup, Pastrami, Lamb Gyro & Bacon Cheeseburger Dumplings to Walmart,”

Auntie Patti’s pie line has been a huge success. She even recently expanded her line with a new buttermilk flavor. In an interview on the Today show, Patti talked about her grandmother’s influence on her pies.

“It’s my grandmother’s recipe and this is so good,” she said. “I just put a little twist to it–a baby Patti twist”.

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