There are two types of people in the world.  Those who have worked a service industry job, and those who haven't.  This letter applies to both.

Sadly, not everyone treats the service industry the same.  You know the jobs that I'm talking about - wait staff, bartenders, cashiers, cleaners, ride share providers, customer service, even DJ's.  Anyone that provides a service to you instead of producing goods could be included here.

There was a comedian that used to do a bit about how he thought it should be mandatory that people work at least one full year waiting tables so that they understood that their extra ranch dressing wasn't really that important.

It's not always easy work.  Sure, you're normally on your feet for hours.  Some of the work can be physical labor.  But the worst part is how people often treat people in the service industry.  And I don't get it.

Earlier I mentioned that there are two types of people.  Those who have worked in the industry, and those who haven't.  Those who haven't ever worked one of these jobs often have no clue what the job entails...the things you have to endure and the number of times that you have to bite your tongue just so that you don't get fired.

Those who have worked in one of those jobs often go one way or the other when dealing with other people who are providing them with a service.  They're either over-the-top nice to them because they know how many people can be jerks, or they're over-the-top critical because they think they know everything about how you should be acting when you're interacting with the public.

Either way...I'll never understand why people can't just be nice!?

I do understand that sometimes the service isn't what you'd expect.  I agree that service isn't what it used to be in the past.  I've gotten frustrated with someone who seems to not care about their job too.  It still takes very little effort to be a good human.  If you aren't getting the product that you expect, talk to a manager.  What good does it do to yell or belittle someone?


And if you think you're "just being funny," I assure you what you're doing isn't as funny as you think it is.  That person across the counter isn't your friend.  You don't get to "bust their chops" just so you can get a laugh.

I know, you probably get mad to hear that a fast-food worker is making as much as they are.  Do you want to know why these so-called "easy" jobs pay so much these days?  Because a lot of people refuse to do them when they know they'll be treated like crap.

You're not above them.  They're doing you a favor...a service if you will.  Stop barking orders like you're paying them yourself.  Be grateful that they showed up to work today to do things for you.

I've seen it.  I've been there.  It's not fun and it's embarrassing to see how people treat other people these days.


A former/current service worker who is tired of seeing it

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