Authorities in Holiday, Florida, WSSB say's 54-year-old David Edward Benes held down his 80-year-old girlfriend and tried to “exorcise her and the get the devil out of her.”

According to police, the incident began on Monday, when David took the batteries out of the house phones to keep his live-in girlfriend of three years from calling for help, and then he took her car keys.

The exorcism continued Tuesday. Despite David's efforts to prevent her from calling for help, the woman was somehow able to contact police, who found her sitting outside crying, with scratches on her arms.

David told cops he was too drunk to remember what happened, and his girlfriend started the fight because "she is crazy." He was arrested and charged with domestic battery on a person older than 65, tampering with a witness and false imprisonment.

More evidence that there is something wrong with the state of Florida. Maybe there is something in the drinking water, food or something. I suggest some one do a study on this.

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