If there are two stories that have a lot of people talking about these days, they have to be The Slap and the new changes that are happening to the overtime rules in the NFL.

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Of course, when there are big stories happening in the world, you can always expect one person, in particular, to share his thought about it, and The Juice himself did not disappoint.

While he was down in Florida trying to enjoy some spring break, he found a quiet bar to go on Twitter and talk to us and share his wisdom.

During his quick video, OJ went into his feelings and thoughts about what happened to the Bills at the end of last season and how Buffalo was cheated out of that overtime game against Kansas City.

I don’t totally agree with it, I wish they would’ve done it like they do college…where both teams get the ball from the 30-yard line and go in... but anything is better than what happened last year, to not see Josh Allen have an opportunity to keep that game going…
-Orenthal James Simpson

OJ then went on to discuss Will Smith, Chris Rock, and the slap, and what would've happened if it had been him to run up on stage and slap someone on national television in front of millions of people.

I think Will was wrong, look… I understood the feeling… I know this, after what happened to me in Las Vegas, if I would’ve done that in front of a billion people watching around the world, they would’ve given me life without…I’m just sayin
-Orenthal James Simpson

Anyway, don't take my word for it, check out what The Juice had to say in his own words.

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