There is more than Columbus Day and Halloween when it comes to October. 

Here are some of the odd holidays I found that happen this month.

October 1st - National Homemade Cookie Day. Guess everyone in the office here missed that memo. At least I never got any.

October 2nd - National Name Your Car Day. I've never done this, but i usually refer to my car as a her.

October 4th - National Taco Day.  Mmmm. Tacos.

October 8th - Canadian Thanksgiving. Gobble.

October 12th - International Moments of Frustration Scream Day. I wouldn't kid you. So if you hear people down the hall or in the car next to you, you know why.

October 15th - National Handwashing Day. Umm, let's hope we practice this daily.

October 16th - National Dictionary Day. A what??

October 18th - National No Beard Day. But it's baseball playoff season and some of us are sporting our playoff beards!

October 24th. National Bolonga Day. YES! The whole family can partake. Even my dog loves this day.

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