Hurricane Sandy has closed thousands of schools, shut down hundreds of businesses and flooded many cities in New York State. 7 million people across the State are without power after not 1 not 2 but three transformers blew up last night.

Check out this explosive footage inside and see if New York will be up and running in time for the big Election Day just a week away. 

First Check out what it looks like when 115 thousands volts of power goes BOOM in the night.

Along with Fire comes the SMOKE!

In Yorktown, a downed wire caused a water main break at the corner of Barger Street and Oriole Court in Shrub Oak, affecting some 50 houses in the area. Check out that pure violet flame!

Thankfully, here in Western New York we can provide a refuge for family members and friends affect in New York City. National Grid is set to send some Buffalo employees down state to help get the lights turned back on. Our very own DJ Stoney has offered his electrician services and time for the next seven days.

But what are we gonna do with all this water?

In a State that doesn't allow early voting. New York and New Jersey could be up a street without a paddle come election day. Do you think somehow HAARP directed this storm to hit the Democratic NYS hard to prevent another victory for President Obama?