Thankfully, Western New York won't feel the full effects of Hurricane Sandy, but with wind gusts of at least 30 mph, there's a pretty good chance a lot of Halloween activities around Western New York may be postponed until the storm passes. Officials are most concerned about loss of power and possible flooding. The worst stuff arrives tonight (October 29), but according to the Weather Channel hourly forecast, the wind will die down considerably by tomorrow evening. Mayor Brown told The Buffalo News that there is still a chance the city of Buffalo may cancel Halloween trick-or-treating if the weather is still bad, and it wouldn't be surprising if other communities followed suit.

Still, you might want to keep the trick-or-treaters off the streets even if communities allow it to happen. As long as the power stays on, and driving bans aren't in effect, the best place to take your costumed kids will be the Galleria of Treats with WBLK inside the Walden Galleria. It's an all-day event that starts at 11 a.m. and runs until 8 p.m. Best of all, it's warm and it's dry.

But don't take any chances, as Lt. Governor Robert Duffy warned; it only takes a couple of inches of water to sweep a car away when there is flooding. If the roads do become impassable and power outages become a problem, we'll update you on the status of our Galleria of Treats and other Western New York Halloween activities tomorrow. Check back for updates.