"I've been doing this 35 years and I've never had anyone steal an urn with anybody in it" says Sgt. Peter Pett of Chautauqua County.

But earlier this month, thats exactly what happened. A burglar walked into a Pomfret home through an unlocked locked back door and found the dolphin sculpture worth $700. According to investigators, the piece of art had a secret that makes this a highly unusual crime. 

After a week of distrees, the homeowner called Police to report the burglary of the missing urn which holds the remains of her late husband. The widow says she isn't pressing charges, she just wants her ashes returned, no questions asked.

The unusual urn has a goldnen dolhin ring riding a base of waves and stands about 18" high.

So if you know who took it, or see it up for sale at a pawn shop call the Sheriff's office at 753 - 4498