There's much debate and discussion over an up and coming Sony Pictures Comedy release called "The Interview" in which two American Journalists travel to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-Un and are asked by the CIA to "take him out".  The main thrust of the controversy revolves around the graphic manner in which Kim Jong-Un is assassinated in the movie. The scene has reportedly been toned down (see FULL STORY LINK BELOW) where Kim Jong-Un's head is literally, and very graphically, blown to bits to the extent that flaming hair and chunks of Kim Jong-Un's skull WERE originally shown in the movie.  Kim Jong-Un has declared the movie an "ACT OF WAR".

Kim Jong-Un is not a fictional character as you may well realize; he IS the current CRAZY Leader of North Korea and he's PISSED OFF!!!!  The North Korean Leader has caught wind of the movie, in which he is VIOLENTLY ASSASSINATED, and has vowed a “resolute and merciless response”!!!

Kim Jong-Un

There has recently been a coincidental hacking of Sony Corporation e-mails which many deem the work of Kim Jong-Un appointed hackers from North Korea.  Furthermore, Japan and North Korea are NOT the best of friends and the fact that Sony is a Japanese Owned Corporation makes for a Political Controversy far reaching beyond the movie itself.

Do you think it's wise or even the right thing to do for SONY PICTURES to show and develop a movie whereas a CURRENT REAL LIFE LEADER of a Country is ASSASSINATED in a movie?



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