I've been noticing the talent in upstate so we here at Power 93.7FM created a platform to spotlight the next superstar Queen City style. This week the “TALK OF THE TOWN” “716 SPOTLIGHT” comes this way from Syracuse NY, Vocero Omar. He came thru the studio to chop it up with SteelBoutMoney with his group Product of the 90's. We talked about the origins of his name. He also brought me his new smash single "Last Hurrah". We also talked about the feeling of working a 9 to 5 when all you wanna do is chase your dreams.

Now the group Product of The 90's seems to be a "gumbo pot" of young 20-something-year-olds from different backgrounds who credit their musical influences to the early 90's music scene. These young men had great energy and I'm hype to see what the future holds for them. Make sure you check out their music and interview below.

On where his name comes from:

My middle name, 'Vocero', it's Spanish for 'the spokesman'...with certain things that I've been saying, I feel like I'm a spokesman for people that go through some of the same things that I go through. For example, "Last Hurrah"--how many people tired of they job?

His hit "Last Hurrah" deals with that struggle that just about everybody has gone through--feeling unfulfilled in the job or life that they have:

Every day when you get back from doing a show, you have to go back to that feeling--having an unfulfilled moment. Over five years--I've been at that place for five years--it's just been...eating up at me. I made songs here and there about leaving...just go, experience life, see the world and everything, but this one just kind of stuck with me--like a last straw kinda thing.

You can check out his hit "Last Hurrah" here:

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You can also check out Vocero Omar's vlog of his trip to the WBLK studios below:

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