There's still a cloud of uncertainty with the upcoming NFL season.

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Even when PAUSE orders are lifted and other things are brought back -- crowds of 60-70-80 thousand people might cause some worry for the NFL and lawmakers.

But could there be no alcohol sold at NFL games this year, which would include New Era Field?

According to longtime NFL writer and insider Peter King of NBC Sports, NFL games with no alcohol would be a logical step to take in light of the pandemic.

"I could see alcohol being banned at games for the year. (Meaning, theoretically, fewer trips to crowded restrooms through crowded concourses by patrons.)"

King also mentioned how he could see fans over 70 being asked to not come to the games since the elderly are more at risk for the COVID-19 virus.

In addition, King highlighted what happens with the schedule and the likelihood of the league creating multiple schedules, with multiple games played in each (16-14-12-10), in case they cannot run the league regularly because of the pandemic.

I couldn't even imagine no beer sales in New Era Field, but as we have seen with the last six-to-seven weeks, the unprecedented is precedented in 2020.

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