As you've probably heard by now, New Era, the local company that makes Caps / Hats and clothing world-wide, has requested to be released from their sponsorship of the Buffalo Bills' stadium, according to  

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The Bills' stadium has gone through some name changes over the years from the War Memorial Stadium, Rich Stadium, the Ralph Wilson Stadium, and New Era Field, according to Wikipedia,  Now the name will change again die to New Era's exit and ironically a New England Patriots employee, is proposing the stadium be named after Coach Marv Levy.  WIVB and WGRZ have identified the guy who started the whole Marv Levy renaming with a petition at as Rich Luchette.  Luchette doesn't work for the patriots directly, the East Aurora native lives and works in Rhode Island...New England Patriots territory.

Marv Levy turned 95 on August 3, 2020.  You can sign the popular petition now at

Luchette met Marv Levy at a Book-Signing in Chicago and said, “He could not have been a nicer guy.  I chatted with him a little bit about the Bills. I was wearing an Andre Reed jersey for the event."  Luchette added this, according to WIVB:

"Throughout his career, Marv Levy demonstrated the attributes of decency, resilience, and intellectual dexterity that is too rare in today’s NFL. Renaming the stadium in his honor would be a fitting tribute to this great man and a worthy capstone on his football career.

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