Nicki Minaj was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend and showed off her acting skills as she played the roles of Beyonce & Kim Kardashian in a couple skits. The Hip Hip Nativity scene also featured cameos by Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Rick Ross, Eminem and baby Yeezus! Peep the videos here.

The SNL skit "MTV’s Jingle Ballerz" was hosted by KaTyler Smyth (Pete Davidson), Rihanna (Sasheer Zamata) kicks things off as she sings “Shine Bright Like A Bright Star,” and introduces the rapping Three Wise Men: Eminem (Taran Killam) Riff Raff (James Franco) and Rick Ross (Kenan Thompson).


And since there wouldn’t be a baby G without Joseph and his Queen Bee, up next is the original “Teen Mom,” the Virgin Mary Beyonce (Nicki Minaj) and Justin Bieber (an excellent Kate McKinnon). Nicki has no trouble emulating Queen Bey, flawlessly throwing out “He Woke Up Like Dis” and cluing us in on what that revealing wardrobe rehearsal pic was all about. Baby Jesus is of course Kanye (Jay Pharoah) shrieking and rapping about being a God and his dad is a God. It’s all a bit complicated.

Nicki trades her flawless blonde wig for a more natural look as she played Kim Kardashian on "Weekend Update" as she dished about her infamous "Paper" magazine cover shoot.

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