Aside from being the epitome of Ignorance, Nicki Minaj is a complete embarrassment to the entire female population.  If I could afford to quit my job and launch the biggest ANTI CAMPAIGN, it would be the Anti- Nicki Minaj Campaign.  It would also encompass an urging for parents, women, and young people to boycott the Record Company who publishes and markets the filth she produces (Young Money Entertainment).

Nicki Minaj cannot even claim to be an artist who's wasting talent...because she has none.  As a matter of fact, I'm in error even associating the word ARTIST with her name.  This non-talent's lastest exhibit of ignorance comes in the form of  a remake of Kanye West's "Mercy" performed by Miss Ignorant and the Male Representative of IGNORANCE, Lil Wayne.

You can take my word for it, or torture yourself by clicking on the link below.  But I'm WARNING you in advance... you will hear the most profane, filthy, nasty, irresponsible, and IGNORANT choice of words you will have ever heard in your years of living on this earth...and it's coming out of the BEEZ TRAP of a least Biologically!

AND!....not only is this the epitome of IGNORANCE...she has the nerve to endorse one of the candidates running for President Of The United States....fortunately for Barack Obama and his supporters, she has aligned herself with Mitt Romney.  I'm sure Mr. Romney is very pleased with her associating herself with him and his quest for the privilege of leading this country.

DO NOT ENJOY THIS...rather Be Appropriately Annoyed!  (The sentiment is my opinion...Todd Anderson)