The ratings for Season 12 of 'American Idol' have been consistently down -- the worst since the first. Many critics believe the decline has to do with lackluster judges. One of those judges believes the blame lies on the doorstep of her peers. Yes, Nicki Minaj thinks the low ratings for 'Idol' are the fault of Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and sole remaining original judge Randy Jackson.

Her Minajesty also thinks it is she who keeping the show afloat. Really? Really.

"Nicki believes she’s the one carrying the show," a source said. She said her nemesis Mimi "makes viewers yawn" while Urban "is too concerned about his public image to be brutally honest with contestants."

The rap vixen confidently thinks it is she who makes the show interesting, going as far as to label Jackson's "dawg" schtick as "plain worn out."

That we don't disagree with! The "in it to win it" and "yo, dawg" commentary is played out and gets old after a while.

But maybe, just maybe the show is in decline because it's aging and because the contestants aren't that exciting?

'Idol' watchers, whatta ya think? Do you agree with Minaj's perception of the show and her place on it? Do you watch Season 12 because of her or in spite of her?

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